I help moderate a large libertarian group on Facebook and occasionally the term “libertarian brutalism” comes up. A few people are generally familiar with the term, but many wind up asking what it means.

I’ve decided to compile a short list of bullet points for aspiring libertarian brutalists to use in the orientation of recruits. It is by no means comprehensive, but meant simply to be used simply as a convenient jumping off point for anyone new to the community of brutalists. I hope it’s helpful in your journey of discovery.

– Maintain the nonaggression principle as the only ethical belief allowable for libertarians.

– Accuse anyone voicing any idea outside traditional social conservatism of advocating violation of the nonaggression principle, especially if the position does not actually violate the nonaggression principle.

– Defend the expression of racist or homophobic views. Attack the expression of distaste for racist or homophobic views as a violation of the nonaggression principle and not commensurate with libertarianism. The right to call someone a nigger is a central concern for libertarianism, telling someone to stop calling someone else a nigger is clearly violent coercion.

– Pretty much anything you don’t like is a violation of the nonaggression principle and not commensurate with libertarianism.

– Feminism is precisely equivalent to Stalinism.

– Use racial, gender, and orientation identifiers as insults, maintain you have nothing against any of the groups in question. Just because you think referring to someone as gay or a woman is an insult does not mean you actually have anything against gays or women.

– Watch several Stefan Molyneux videos, partially read some late Rothbard, watch a couple Ron Paul videos. Explain to Steve Horwitz why he doesn’t know anything about economics.

– Accuse anyone not agreeing with you of not being libertarian.

– Try to be funny. Fail. Accuse anyone not laughing at your failure of being “PC.”

– Try to sound edgy saying things that bothered your grandmother when you saw her last Thanksgiving.

– Call someone a faggot, congratulate self on brave defense of free speech.

– Call someone a faggot again.

– Do it again.

– Gary North and Hans Hoppe are great libertarians. Frederick Hayek and Milton Friedman were socialists. Wait, I’m sorry, I got confused. I thought I was talking about the Mises Institute. You don’t know who these people are.

– Whine about C4SS being a communist organization. Never read anything from C4SS.

– Scream for immediate, violent revolution and murdering all police. No experience with real-life violence. No criminal experience. If you have any criminal experience, make sure it has been wildly unsuccessful and that you’ve been arrested numerous times.

– Behave as unpleasantly and erratically as possible at all times. Obviously anyone not wanting to deal with this is scared to debate you.

– Avoid all meaningful debate on a topic, launch personal insults, try to restrict discussion to your complaints about the discussion itself, in lieu of debating ideas.

– Accuse others of being too emotional. Whine, freak out, and cry at anyone voicing any opinion you disagree with.

– Behave as rudely as possible, cry like a five-year-old every time someone says something rude to you.

– Cry like a teenage girl about Facebook.

– Cry some more.

– Keep crying.

– Cry a lot.

– Throw a tantrum.

– Keep crying.

– Crying.

– Call someone a faggot again, spam the the thread, leave discussion declaring victory.

There you go, that’s about it. Kick back, have your mom throw some Mountain Dew and a bag of Twizzlers down the basement stairs and relax. You’re part of a growing community of like-minded internet heroes and radical freethinkers. You are the people who will change the world in the coming years. For real, you don’t look like an impotent, overgrown toddler. Trust me. You are the future. Stay brutal.

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